Oral sex, Anal sex, and Kink

The Best Oral Sex Tips From Real Women


Oral sex is without a doubt an important part of foreplay, and can even make a woman orgasm. It’s a perfect way of priming your partner, and to reduce the pressure of wanting to last longer during sex. This article will teach men the basics of how to give a girl good oral sex, and is written by a real woman. However, bear in mind that each person is different, and what pleases one woman might displease another. Trial and error are allowed so long as you communicate your desires and simply enjoy the process of knowing one another.

Building Up Gradually

When you start to kiss and lick, work your way slowly to the clit; don’t just rush straight to it. Most women love to have their entire body paid attention to, not just the vagina. Once you arrive at the main event, start from the outside to make the feeling more intense and still feel like teasing. Building up slowly creates better orgasm for us.

Women are sensitive to touch including one performed by the tongue, hence start gently and see what she wants. Try not to rush into licking the clit, but when you do, be gentle especially when not fully aroused.

Creativity with Your Tongue

The key to giving any woman unforgettable oral sex is by moving your tongue, if you are unsure, keep it flat and lick up the entire clit and vulva. Perform an up and down motion or side to side, and if possible, do both. One comedian suggested to lick the alphabet; he’s not too far off!

Use Your Hands

Always try to get yourself in a position where your hands are free to add an extra element. You can add your fingers to the action to stimulate her further. Do not go straight in with the fingers as it can spoil the orgasm that is already beginning to build up.


It may not be easy to talk while performing oral sex but listen to every sound she makes. Some are shy while others talk, but either way, check for signs like moaning, heavy breathing and gripping harder on your head.

Use Different Styles and Positions

Use various techniques until you get what work best. Avoid making things feel like a routine, mix up things. She will always long for more when she doesn’t know what to expect. Regardless of what you do, remember to enjoy the experiment and the sensation while giving her unforgettable orgasm.

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