Going on a trip?        A family vacation?
Got a ...Sports Bag - Tennis Raquet - Diaper Bag ...you need to I.D ?

Don't identify yourself with standard old boring-dull-uninteresting luggage tags. Stand out from the pack!! Look right here and you will find BRIGHT - CRAZY - OUTRAGEOUS - and seriously visible TAGSTER TM LUGGAGE TAG products. Now you can pick yourself out in any crowd !

Airline regulations say you must have luggage tags.....but in a carousel of sameness ....don't you want yours to call out to you with outrageous color and visibility? And perhaps even a bit of whimsey EXPRESS YOURSELF with a luggage tag design that stands out.

(now think of brightening someone else's life with a gift of wild, colorful tags)

Enjoy visiting our site and bookmark it to come back – think of us when you have need of gifts. Our luggage tags are works of art and we are constantly adding wild new designs.

These high quality personalized luggage tags are all custom made right here in the USA!
Computer monitors are set at many different color ranges and settings.
If you are viewing the colors of our luggage tag designs on this website in un-brilliant, faded or otherwise lackluster form – rest assured that the actual product graphics are gloriously intense !!!
We call them “luggage tags” – but how many other places do we use them? “LUGGAGE” tags for:

Briefcases, shoulder bags, instrument cases, trade show cases and displays, camera bags, diaper bags, duffel bags, sports bags, gym bags, bowling bags, golf bags, gun cases, tool boxes, r.v. equipment, sample cases, portfolios, business displays, tour groups- recognition, convention groups- recognition, missions groups- recognition, promotional stimuli, event memorabilia, laptop cases, medical equipment, doll and action figure cases, lunch boxes, pet carriers and crates, etc.,etc., etc. (whew)………..

And then you get started on the custom photo luggage tags. YOUR photo image – your car, your boat, your motorcycle, your child/baby, your boyfriend/husband, girlfriend/wife, group of friends, church choir group, your new home, your motorhome, your dog, your cat, your pet lizard-parakeet-ferret-yeti ….whatever…digitally imaged into the plastic surface of the luggage tag. Any (tasteful) image that you can send us can be imprinted into your new set of luggage tags. (we reserve the right to reject inappropriate images).

How about luggage tags with the logo of your business to use for gifts? Want to scan a diploma or a certificate and send it to us? …we will create a solid plastic replica for your wallet…with the image reduced and digitally embedded into the solid plastic surface and able to be carried right with you. If the details for this process are not yet functional on the website….call us at 847-816-8888 or email your questions with your phone number and other contact information and we will be happy to help you through the process.

We can create the perfect personal or business use luggage tags - just for you!

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