Before I worked for Stansted escorts, I use to work at an agency based at Hendon. My friends wonder why I only work at airport agencies, but I have a thing about men in uniform, especially pilots. I am sure that pilots have a few fetishes as well, but I am really in desperate need to be able to satisfy my needs. If I can’t I end up being really frustrated and desperate. Meeting and dating men in uniform is a deep seated desire, and I really don’t think that I can live with at my boys and their lovely uniforms.


I only left the agency at Hendon after it started to feel like I dated the same guys all the time. Yes, I know it is good to build up regulars, but at the same time it is good with a bit of variation. I thought by joining Stansted escorts, I would be able to meet different pilots and I certainly have. At Hendon you get a lot of long haul pilots whilst at Stansted you get a lot of short haul pilots. I have actually noticed that I am making more money at Stansted as I am able to date the same guys more often.


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It was also more expensive to live near Hendon airport. I have noticed that my rent here in Stansted is a lot lower and that I have been able to make more money. Part of the reason that I am making more money is because that I am dating more. The other reason is that you can actually charge more at Stansted. That surprised me a lot to start with but there are fewer escorts’ services here. At Hendon there are lot of different services, but here at Stansted there are really only two Stansted escorts services.


Some of the girls at the agency would like to become VIP escorts in London, but I have told them that they may not make that much money. A lot of girls think that they will make a fortune in London, but I think that they will probably make more money at Stansted escorts services. It is true that £650 per hour sounds good, but I doubt very much that they have taken rents into consideration. It is super expensive to live in London, and I know that I can make more money here. Still, it is nice to have dreams.


The guy who runs Stansted escorts is really nice, and I like to be loyal to him. He always makes us laugh, and backs us up should there be any problems with dates. I have told the girls who have less experience that it is nice to have a boss like him, and that we should be nice to him. Some of the girls here have never been escorts before and have a lot to learn. I don’t mind sharing my experience with them, and the boss has noticed that. He always shows his appreciation and that sort of makes me feel good.