Life is great when you are not alone. I feel like it is harder when you have no one to talk to and express your emotion. Life is hard enough as it is and having someone with me helps me a lot in my experience. When i have troubles in the past, facing it alone has been difficult for me. When i have problems at school because of a hard subject. I always try to find a kind person that is willing to help me. It always works for me. It makes me the situation much better than facing the problems alone. I am fortunate and lucky to have found a special girl. I met her at college; we were in the same class. She was the most beautiful girl in the room.

I could not stop looking at her. What i did not know was she noticed always looking at her all along. She walked up to me and said that me why I was looking at her. She asked if I had known her. My first reaction was shocked. I was embarrassed at myself I feel like I was very creepy. I did not know what was running in her head. Maybe she already judged me I said to myself. I tried to calm myself down and apologized to her; i told her that she is just beautiful and I could not stop looking at her.

She blushed and was silent for a few seconds. She then said to me that it was okay I need not worry about it. From then on we started being friends. She helps me a lot in my studies because I do not study hard enough. I was relied on her to help me pass some of my harder classes. If it was not for her, I think that my life at college would be very much harder. Every free time we had we spend on each other. I believed that we made each other happy all the time. I did not know that she was hiding a lot of secrets from me. She did not feel comfortable enough to talk about her secrets from me. She is suffering from stage two colon cancer. I only found out about it later when she got hospitalized.

I knew that it must have been very hard for her, keeping it a secret all this time. But she could not hide it anymore. It caused me a lot of pain seeing her getting weaker each day. She passed away after a month. Two years later, I still have not moved on from her. When i began booking an Acton Escorts from that is when I realized that it is time. Acton Escorts showed me the way to happiness. Acton Escorts is a lifesaver.