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6 Kama Sutra Sex Techniques That Make Missionary Even Hotter

Take it slow and easy. (Spice up your sex life with this organic lube from the Women’s Health Boutique.) As he thrusts, have him pull out completely and then penetrate again with a fast, hard stroke. You’ll love this move because it’s primitive and …


Five sex positions to spice up your weekend

Sex is not just a big component of most intimate relationships, it can also be used to build strong bond. As the weekend sets in, experiment with these five sex positions to make you even closer to your partner… • Seated lotus: This position offers the …


Brave sex abuse victim waives anonymity to reveal how BBC pervs Julie and Tony Wadsworth groomed him as a schoolboy and lured him into woods for sex

Their show was taken off air in January 2016 before it emerged that they were charged with a string of child sex offences. At their three-week trial they admitted trying to “spice up their sex life” with “outdoor hanky panky”. Jurors were told how …


‘Simon Fuller did his market research’: remembering the Spice Girls’ US invasion

We didn’t talk about sex as if we should not subjugate our desires to those of men. We didn’t talk like the Spice Girls. The Spice Girls didn’t fit into our frameworks, but we were allowed them because they were foreign in a familiar way, and perhaps …


How to spice up YOUR sex life: From watermelon to bee pollen, seven foods to get you in the mood

In the winter months, after a gluttonous holiday season, not everyone is feeling their sexiest. Some try all manner of things to bring the spice back into the bedroom. But as nutritionist Sarah Flower explains, some small tweaks to your diet could make …


Can this spicy pizza induce LABOR? North Carolina mothers swear one restaurant’s buffalo wing-topped dish has helped them give birth – and now the pie is called ‘The Inducer’

Despite the numerous claims, doctors say there is no credible link between the consumption of spicy foods and the induction of labor. Dr. Alyse Kelly Jones, a Charlotte-based OB-GYN told People, ‘Women have been trying many things for decades – sex …


5 Gynos Share The Sex Tips That Have Changed Their Patients Lives

you might not think to turn to your lady doc for pointers on how to spice things up in the sack. But sexual health is an umbrella term that covers everything from how to protect yourself from pregnancy and STDs to the best sex toys and positions to get the …


These are the 5 questions you should ask your man for steamier sex

Have you been wondering how to get your partner all turned on with the help of words? You must have read about how to say the right things before or during sex and how it helps in spicing up your sex life. Well, this time we will tell you about some …


Mel B’s nanny claims the ex-Spice Girl seduced her and they regularly had sex for seven years

Mel B’s sordid divorce scandal has just gotten a whole lot spicier. The ex-Spice Girls singer, whose real name is Melanie Brown, seduced her nanny and had sex with the German exchange student multiple times a week for seven years, according to court papers …


5 Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life!

So many couples think about hot sex all the time, but when it comes to the big show, they are total duds in bed. If your partner is rolling their eyes every time you try to please, you need to handle the problem quickly. If you have heard from your partner …